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SOLNA CS350 multi-functional commercial web offset press Interview

All India Exhibition 2011 Shanghai International, we saw Qingdao RPM Electronics Co., Ltd. launched new products: C350 multi-functional commercial web offset press. This versatile rotary commercial offset press is not only the first of its kind in the country debut is the first release in the global market. Order to unlock C350 veil, we specialize visited Qingdao RPM Electronics Co., Ltd. Printing Machinery Division of SOLNAC350 take a closer look.

The Qingdao RPM Printing Machinery Division general manager Yuerun An answer our questions on SOLNAC350. What is the content of the interviews, I believe so that we can fully understand the C350 such a printing opportunity to bring us what kind of surprise.

Q: We all know that the nationally known Qingdao RPM is sheetfed offset press, C350 origin of this product is what?

A: In fact, the history of the Arizona rotary press is very long, Sanaa and rotary offset printing press began in 1952, the Department of commercial rotary press C300, C800 based all over the world today, Qingdao RPM "for customers value "under the guidance of the concept of integration of Sanaa and commercial web offset and sheetfed offset press essence, draw on the technical superiority of the Japanese small-format web offset presses, to build a new multi-functional commercial web offset press for high-tech products-C350 The traditional printing industry investors to open a new profit model. Sheetfed offset the advantages of the C350 will be used in the rotary offset printing press, the soft pressed hard been a qualitative leap in the web offset printing quality, greatly enhance the ability to eat thick web offset press and solve the rotary offset printing press cutting length can not be changed, can be widely applied to: the high-end small and medium-sized packaging printing, label printing, trademark printing, specialty printing.

Q: Since the C350 can be used in the printing of such a variety of industries, for printed material on the applicability is not very widely it?

A,: C350 multi-functional commercial web offset press with a very wide range of applications, anything into the volume of material we can effectively printing, printing mirror coated paper, cover the bottom of the coated paper, aluminized coated paper, synthetic paper, photo paper, thermal paper, thermal transfer paper, aluminum foil, static film, transparent film, pearl film, polyethylene film, transparency of PET and PET cards, non-woven fabrics, mirror laser materials, OPP. Widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, clothing, pesticides, fertilizers, tires, logistics and other industrial trademarks, label printing, and is widely used in plastic bags printed .........

Q: compared with the same type of equipment, C350 What are the advantages?

A: C350 compared with other devices of the same type have a huge advantage, especially its unique seven advantages, beyond the technical advantages of the existing similar equipment. The seven system comprising: a first system: the standard configuration of the vacuum feeding system vacuum feeding system, which uses the the inverted pull system the vacuum roll adsorption without pressure roller: without pressure setting can effectively protect the material running tension stabilizing; (1) can greatly improve the printability easily solve the problem of static film, thermal paper, film paste printing process; (2) non-pressure side full printing greatly improve material utilization, reduce printing companies production costs during the year can save 20 million square meters of printing materials (class printable 9000 m, width of 320mm, working 300 days).

Second largest system: Anti-lost color system

The secondary clutch pressure control, fuzzy calculation control, high-precision servo drive roller seven o‘clock arranged technology to build a proprietary anti-lost color system shutdown, the boot process, an effective solution to the "lost color" failure, greatly enhance the finished rate, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Under normal circumstances, because all causes of downtime after the main competing products will bring a car waste of paper, anti-lost color system can do a waste.

The third-largest system: Extreme-Alignment

Industrial computers, high-power high inertia amount of servo drive system, high-strength high-precision transmission gear, vacuum feeding machine, servo direct-drive gap register control system, high-precision three-point suspension bearings together constitute the limit register control system, to solve the offset press "Allometric registration, limit registration problems, to ensure zero speed to speed registration state controlled, can greatly reduce scrap and increase production efficiency. Competing products in the market, whether the letterpress printing machine or offset press, can not do Allometric overprint, when the rate of change of the printing equipment, causing the overlay are not allowed.

Fourth largest systems: AIW the Smart Ink Free set system

Low-speed differential water supply, Ink total on the system, ghosting to eliminate institutions short Ink design, Smart Ink Free set free alcohol design, waterway automatic cleaning system built system with strong ink self-adaptive, can be guaranteed: low-speed state register set, you can save over version of the paper, to reduce printing materials consumption; switching of different printed materials without resetting the Ink system, improve production efficiency and greatly reduced makeready time, to enhance the profitability of the printing companies. Easy to produce the product of the failure of the "ghosting" printing, the standard configuration the ghosting to eliminate the agency, to prevent the generation of ghosting failure. The alcohol-free systems can minimize alcohol consumption (different printed materials, alcohol consumption, 2-3% of the proportion of alcohol in gold and silver ink). Waterway automatic cleaning system could be used sustainably dampening system clean to ensure that the press is a good Ink equilibrium and reduce the consumption of fresh water, fountain solution, the waterways replacement interval recommended for the three months.

Fifth largest systems: APC semi-automatic plate loading system with electric pull system

Pneumatic semi-automatic plate loading system, mobile human-computer dialogue operating system, the touch of a button you can complete disassembly of the plate, so that a printed version of the switching time is shortened to less than two minutes, can greatly reduce labor consumption, reduce labor intensity by use in conjunction with CCD Punch, greatly reducing makeready times, and comprehensively improve the production efficiency. Closed loop the electric pull Edition (including axial, circumferential and diagonal direction) can guarantee the registration operation, the printing process to prevent downtime bring efficiency to waste.

Sixth largest system: MDS + CIP3 ink remote separations preset system

C350 multi-functional commercial web offset press the optional MDS color remote control system, the system may not be limited storage, call customer proofs data favor packaging, trademarks, labels repeat printing color reproduction. Operation of the system through the remote, centralized manipulation, can greatly reduce labor intensity; through optional the CIP3 dichroic preset system, and CTP platesetter system online, you can build the digital printing process, to build enterprise-class color management system, and can be set automatically Indian goods ink, reduce scrap rates, shorter makeready times, reducing the degree of dependence on the printers.

Seventh largest system: environmentally friendly printing system

In today’s global advocacy based on low-energy, low pollution, low emission, low-carbon economy mode, the low-energy, low-emission printing machinery is also in line with the trend of the times.

C350 take five measures to the pursuit of environmental protection, green printing:
(1) use the 0.15mm thin version of the printing, reduce the consumption of the PS version;
(2) the actual host operating power is low, the energy conservation; v
(3) low temperature UV drying unit, small size, low temperature, less power consumption;
(4) alcohol-free printing, reduce the burden on the environment, reduce the impact on the human body;
(5) circulating water from a clean system, reduce the consumption of fresh water, alcohol, dampening solution small sewage treatment pressure.

Q: Since the function of this device is so complete, the advantages are so obvious, so its price can be very high from time to time, the user purchases will be great pressure on it.

A: this aspect Qingdao Rip already thought of some users, taking into account the initial investment capital is relatively tight in front of the portrait to provide mortgage services for users in order not to affect the capital flows of late, we co Qingdao Bank and the Bank of China, user purchase as long as the mortgage requirements, we can assist the user for the mortgage loan business, leaving a lot of money to the user used for the latter part of the operator with the pressure so that the user purchase greatly reduced, the late working capital pressure greatly reduced.

Q: So publicity for your company to recover the cost of this argument has no basis?

That we can come to an account balance:

We follow to work 300 days, the daily production of 15 live parts or to calculate the daily production of 18,000 square meters. ?

Running at full capacity, the annual operating cost savings of not less than 115,000 yuan, including: material savings of 50,000 yuan over version save $ 1.5 million, alcohol, energy savings of 20,000 yuan, PS version save 3 million. ?

Running at full capacity, the annual savings of not less than 200,000 square meters of printed material, a minimum of not less than 60 million; finance costs and finance lease, not less than 16 million yuan (three-year); ?

20% higher productivity than competitors, the full-load operation under the same conditions every day at least to produce three to four more alive pieces (in accordance with each alive 200 square meters), a minimum increase in income of 70-90 million (in accordance with 100 ㎡ 1000 started, the excess in accordance with 2 yuan / square meters, the annual production of 300 days)

C350 visits to our understanding of this equipment does the field of the printing industry, a new profit model, not only in its technical superiority, but also in its superior profitability and Rip intimate services.

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