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Company held the 2012 annual planning meeting

At 9:00 on the February 12, in the solemn national anthem, Qingdao Rip Electric Co., Ltd. 2012 annual consolidated planning meeting held successfully in Wushengguan Resort. The meeting was presided over by the chairman, general manager Lin Zhimin, company leadership and the departments are, the deputy manager of a total of 49 people attended the meeting.

Lin Zhimin, chairman of First speech, he fully affirmed the achievements of 2011, and all RPM people self-improvement, the spirit of unity and hard work, a better vision of the development of the company in 2012 and hope. The meeting in turn listen to Gao Dongsheng deputy general manager of the completion of a comprehensive plan on the 2011 annual and 2012 Annual Plan, the “Company” Twelve Five “technological innovation Planning Report and river boat assistant to the general manager of the company’s financial budget on the 2012 annual report .”

Subsequently, cheerful music, Chairman Lin took of the leaders in charge of the 2012 performance appraisal mission statement, and the contract on behalf of the company with the leaders in charge of 11. After the signing ceremony, the leaders in charge to lead the team made a wonderful position to speak on stage, and the atmosphere is warm extraordinary.

1 o‘clock in the afternoon, the General Assembly continue to convene, Chairman Lin and share with everyone learning at Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. clustered into enterprise management the "kingly performance" training CD-ROM, and a wonderful commentary.

The last meeting, Chairman Lin to all the participants made a concluding speech of 2012 management topics: adjust, inheritance, and development ". He pointed out, straightening out relations, in order to integrate resources and improve efficiency, the adjustment of the organizational structure, the next step will focus on the adjustment of the pay system and performance appraisal and gradually form a staff ease of mind, the social satisfaction good atmosphere; encouraged Rip people to inherited the generous human feelings and good corporate culture, inherited the excellent management experience and the awakening of market awareness, heritage valuable technical accumulation and explore the essence of the assessment, a comprehensive development, and cherish the opportunity given by the historical platform, and strive to realize the value of the product and the value of life . Lin, chairman of the need to have things done three elements: First, there is a passion; scientific method; very clear goals. He highly affirmed the importance of a comprehensive plan of the company, and hope that the work of various departments to the axis of the Comprehensive Planning Department, work together to complement each other, and work hard for the successful completion of the company’s 2012 annual plan targets!

The successful convening of the meeting is in the middle of the company‘s strategic height, to examine the development of enterprises, plan for the future a generous, to further standardize and strengthen the management capacity of the comprehensive plan to promote the sustainable development of the company has a positive meaning. Conference closing the loud sound of "Ode to the Motherland".

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