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2010 Qingdao Rip Arizona outdoor development training documentary

Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao RPM Arizona continuation of last year‘s "old tradition" in 2010 years, all my colleagues went to Qingdao Jimo spa town, to carry out a two-day outdoor training, cohesion and solidarity in order to increase the company’s team tension and relieve employees daily work, Qingdao RPM Arizona Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 after two consecutive years, carried out at the end of the year drew to a close full outdoor development training on the decompression and enhance team fighting the good effect.

This year‘s outdoor training ground located in the outskirts of Qingdao Jimo spa town of the early morning of January 9, a time when the winter weather of Qingdao slightly cold, and all employees of the company are enthusiastic, men traveling in a few more bus singing all the way to a first station - Qingdao RPM Electronics Co., Ltd. of the new site. New plant construction has been completed, the the winter weekdays silence, crowded together in the morning, it ushered in the next year is about to move into the Qingdao RPM Arizona Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. all staff. This new factory is located in Jiaozhou Bay economic circle of the new industrial group, covers an area of ??210 acres, sheetfed offset, web offset presses and radar production workshop and head office, the office building of the four subsidiaries, engineering has been completed, the new factories and office buildings have been decorated new, wait Check. Qingdao RPM all my colleagues for their future work environment and a great new plant, workshop and office building, employees have their pictures taken. The beginning of the new century, Qingdao RPM Electronics Co., Ltd. construction "of printing machinery research and production base," as the company’s long-term development strategy, this new plant construction is completed in 2009, it is the realization of the development strategy of this company the basis of new plant investment, Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Qingdao Rip Arizona offset press production capacity and efficiency will be greatly improved.

Noon the same day, all to reach the training location of the spa town of Jimo, The full expansion started training in the afternoon after noon refurbishment, due to the low temperatures and coaches to lead people to do the warm-up game before the official start, although some simple action game, but it can be integrated into one team collaboration and trust, the scene the atmosphere soon be mobilized. Contest made on the day of the training activities, the whole staff is divided into six brigades, each team must work together to complete the four team led by captain task, several tasks are teamwork skills, team intelligence and team coordination ability of the test, the seemingly simple training program, however, it becomes difficult in the case of 20 co, a team can not have a short board, any player can not be left behind, and to adhere to the goal of reunification unified command and dispatch, uniform pace, the team coordinated action, in addition, you must trust your teammates, trust your collective, any point in the absence of consequences will be unable to complete the task. After an afternoon of training hard, all teams are the successful completion of the set goals. Between winning or losing is not important, after the team‘s training, teamwork and cohesion fusion to the employees of the company, thereby increasing the awareness of the centripetal force and staff team, to promote the various links between the company knowledge and understanding of these rare is Qingdao REPro electrical limited liability company wealth.

RPM Arizona, Qingdao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. in the year-end wrap-up meeting is also held at the same meeting, chairman of Qingdao RPM Electronics Co., Ltd., Lin Zhimin, made a brief statement to the Corporation’s overall operations and strategy for future development and RPM Arizona,Qingdao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially established operating conditions and market performance in more than a year since affirmed. RPM Arizona, Qingdao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., general manager then Yuerun An annual production and operation situation of the subsidiary concluding remarks, 2009, in the case of recovery of the economy as a whole has not yet, the subsidiary‘s market operations, production and R & D, market cultivation and development inputs are in normal operation, and to maintain a relatively stable market share growth, followed by total Yue introduced several important planning 2010,one of which is realized in the first half of the smooth relocation of enterprises, and to ensure that during this period does not affect the normal production and operation of enterprises, development planning another the enterprise’s SOLNA series products technological improvements will continue to be included in the company‘s long-term planning.

The two-day outdoor development training not only bring RPM colleagues once outdoor sports, team training activities, to further improve the corporate cohesion and solidarity, gaining the upper hand the various aspects of enterprise communication, increase employee each other’s mutual understanding and trust between the day-to-day operations of the enterprise is the sum of an extremely rare wealth.

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