Feb 8, 1960 Qingdao Municipal Labor Bureau technical school.
Mar 1965 Qingdao, Shandong Province, work-study mechanical school campuses.
Jul 1, 1969 The state-run the Qingdao serigrafia (part of Qingdao heavy industry bureau).
Sep 1, 1976 The state-owned Qingdao the radio three plants (part of Qingdao Electronic Instrument Industry Bureau).
Mar 18, 2000 Qingdao RPM Electronics Co.,Ltd.(a wholly state-owned).
Apr 21, 2004 Qingdao RPM Electronics Co.,Ltd.(Private joint-stock).
Oct 2010 Overall relocation from Sifang District, Jinhua Road to Qingdao High-tech Zone Industrial Park.
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