Since 2008, RPM electrical presses Division "Arizona is the service" service concept, this concept includes three levels of meaning, that is, service to customers, services in the market, and service to society.

(1) RPM electrical service is mainly for the service to customers "on" a focal point of the three aspects of a focus to customer focus, the company's development depends on the ability to create value for customers in RPM transfer requirements of the enterprise's strategic center from cost price to the value of the transfer from the market for customers. Service customers are mainly reflected in three aspects, pre-to provide customers with detailed printing enterprise solutions to assist correct positioning, to provide customers with products suitable for long-term development; sale insist on honest, trustworthy man of principle, seeking truth from facts, to provide customers with a full range of production planning guidance and technical training; aftermarket to provide customers with equipment maintenance guidance, timely maintenance services and spare parts supply.

(2) service in the industry, that is to serve the printing and printing machinery market, RPM Electric to build the "China Printing Machinery whole product R & D and production base," the responsibility, and be fully committed to the development of the printing machinery industry. Through exaggerated propaganda continue to improve personnel structure, enhance the quality of management, technological innovation, increase investment in research, brand strategy, the build quality is excellent, household Arizona brand; does not follow the crowd, to mislead the consumer, not to participate in malicious competition for the China Printing try to the healthy development of the industry.

(3) RPM Electric will create customer value, social responsibility, achievements in the development of self "as the company's mission to serve the community is the ultimate goal of the RPM. Life only in order to serve the community in the creative process can be sublimated, companies are only in the service of society can develop, and grow, in order to show the existence value and meaning to life. Our products must be environmentally friendly products, and will not cause harm to the community; bear the social responsibility of enterprises through paid taxes for employees, customers, agents and suppliers to build a development platform.

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